About us

NT Law Firm consists of a powerful team of experienced lawyers, which has the ability to assist you, directly and effectively, when processing your legal cases. The zealous and highly motivated lawyers and the NT Law Firm personnel, driven by Dr. Nikoletta Tsiakoumaki, who has longstanding and essential presence in extrajudicial and judicial practice, but also in providing legal advice, are bound to provide the most efficient services with professionalism and devotion to our client’s particular needs.

NT Law Firm specializes in criminal law cases, emphasizing in white collar crimes, corruption crimes, criminal tax law, banking criminal law and corporate criminal liability, as well as in medical criminal liability cases.
Our Law Firm is equally active and efficient in handling civil and commercial law cases, while at the same time invests particularly in the real estate section. We have both the technical, scientific knowledge and the commercial disputes knowledge to ensure that disputes do not subsume the business and that the client achieves the best result.

Our wide collaborating network of lawyers, notaries, and high-skilled scientists (expert witnesses, advisors), contributes to the successful outcome of each case, as well as the comprehensive confrontation of the arising legal issues.